Sharon Hall

Sharon is the proprietor of Snuggle Pup and Cuddle Pooch Dog Grooming Salon, a business she started in 2001 that now employs seven people and services more than 5000 clientele.

She is a Director of International Grooming Company, formed by herself and Deb Ryan with the goal of being able to provide education and knowledge to those interested in becoming Pet Stylist or wanting to improve their skills or business within the Pet industry with nationally recognised courses.

Sharon has spent the better part of 2009-2010 working on introducing the first of its kind in Australia a nationally recognised grooming program and online assessments with industry support through Pet industry Association certificates.

She has been competing in grooming competitions since 2002 with many big placings. Sharon has won both in Australia, USA and Germany. With so many great achievements some of Sharon’s most memorable was her Best In show at 2012 Sydney Royal competition with her hand stripped American cocker Spaniel and her accumulative wins that have made it possible for Sharon to of been selected on the traveling Groom Teams that have represented Australia in 2009, 2011, 2015 and 2017.

Sharon has recently returned from America where she was invited to compete in the invitation only Pet Groom Expo competition. She chose to compete with a poodle and an American Cocker. Sharon was awarded Ist place with her groom of the American Cocker and also was awarded in the top 3 for her poodle also in this competition. This was a fantastic achievement as Top Groomers from all over the world were the only ones invited to compete.

She has in 2017 been to China and South Korea to Judge their grooming competitions. She was invited to do this by the International Judges Association. It was a great accolade to be asked to Judge in another country.

Sharon is well known in the industry to be a great all-round groomer. She is also proud to be an International Certified Master Groomer has her Cert IV Pet Stylist certificate as well as a Companion Animal Hygienist.

Sharon acted as Grooming Director for the Pet Industry of Australia in 2009 and has been a guest speaker for many events that have followed over the past 6 years here in Australia and overseas and was invited to judge 2015 Royal grooming competitions shows around the country

Sharon enjoys sharing her 20 years’ experience and knowledge in the Industry with others and helping groomers excel in their field.

Sharon has successfully shown and titled many dogs including Saint Bernard, Aussie Shepherd, Poodle (Standard, Mini and Toy), Shih Tzu, Bichon, and Laggotto Romagnolo.