General Rules and Classes for Mastergroom Australia.

Under 2 years experience grooming and clipping

Over two years experience or a groomer who has not won 3 first in the same class with the same breed

A groomer who chooses to put them self into this class or a groomer who has won a first with the same breed in the same class

Entry deadline
22 MARCH 2020 5PM

Contestants, dog and tools must be in the ring 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition

At the completion of the contestant grooming (when allocated time is finished) all hair and grooming equipment must be removed from the table. A coloured table cloth may be placed under your dog to enhance your dogs trim. A comb of your choice is to be placed on the front of the table for the judge. Dog should be stack/standing for the judges.

Contestants table cloths may have contestant sponsorship or business name advertised on it.

Contestants grooming apparel may have sponsorship and business name advertised on it.

Contestants are to lead with a good example to others.

Contestants are not allowed to talk to other contestants axnd the audience. Contestants found guilty of breaking this rule maybe stripped of their award or on the spot disqualification.

Contestants are not allowed to use electronic devices or mobile phones in the ring during the competition. Time keeping is allowed only.

Contestants showing aggressive language and rough handling towards dogs and judges will be immediately disqualified.

All judges decisions are final and any complaints must be in writing and a fee to lodge the grievance of $250 will be charge.

MASTERGROOM AUSTRALIA does not condone any type of bullying, hate speech or slander inside or outside the ring or on social media. If Bullying has taken place by a contestant to another contestant the complaint must be in writing and if found guilty contestant may be non awarded or banned from entering further Mastergroom Australia events.


  • Dog must be of an age appropriate for competition. Although each dog is individual, the suggested appropriate age is between approximately 1 year and 10 years.
  • Dogs must have 6 weeks coat or sufficient coat to make a significant difference
  • Must appear healthy, in good condition and free of infectious disease and parasites.
  • Must not show obvious signs of pregnancy or nursing.
  • Must not show signs of viciousness or aggression.
  • Must not be left unattended.
  • Must be properly crated and cared for with food, water and exercise while on the show premises.
  • Must be leashed when not crated or not being groomed.
  • Must be in compliance with applicable regulations in reference to vaccinations for city and country hosting the competition.


  • Judges will not judge relatives or employees. If you have a conflict please make Master groom staff aware when entering a class
  • Judges are not to discuss and exchange an opinion concerning the judgment during the competition
  • Judges will conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times
  • In Class events: 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be given
  • Mastergroom Invitational: 5 places will be awarded

    10 points-first place
    8 points-second place
    6 points-third place
    4 points- fourth place
    2 points- fifth place

Award for BEST IN SHOW AND BEST SCISSOR judge will write down the dog they prefer. The same process will be competed for runner up.

To ensure you are presenting your dog in the best efforts possible it is advised to have a table cloth and clothing that does not clash with the colour of the dog you are grooming so the judges can visibly see your dog from a distance. Tables must be clean, you will need to supply a comb of your choice, ensure it is clean and in good working condition, broken or bent combs are not to be used.

Have your dog standing stacked so the judge can view at any time and pay attention to where the judges are at all times as you may miss an opportunity to show off your work.

Taking dogs away with you and competing is often stressful enough, it is important to pay attention to your dog’s needs, a stressed or unhappy dog is not going to be an ideal candidate to work with.

Make sure your dog has kept his usual eating routine so he doesn’t become glycemic and ensure he has plenty of water available.

Be aware of other people and dogs and know your dog’s demeanor.

Allow your dog the appropriate amount of rest remembering most dogs will have their sleeping patterns disrupted due to early start for preparation so do as must as you can for your preparation in the days leading up to the event.