Mastergroom Australia 2022 Judges & Speakers

Helen Schaefer   NCMG CCE

Helen Schaefer NCMG CCE

is an internationally award winning, nationally top ranking competitive
groomer with over 15 years of experience. Her second career, Helen has worked in all facets of the grooming industry, from corporate salons to mobile, even owning her own business, The Groom Studio, that made it to the Top of the Philly Hot List after being open only 20 months. She was the 2020 Barkleigh Honor Recipient for Up and Coming Speaker of the Year, and finished 2021 ranked 3rd in GroomTeam USA points, earning her a spot on the 2021 GroomTeam USA.. Helen is best known for her resilience in the ring, wealth of practical knowledge and giving sound and genuine advice. She lends this voice to her personal takes on many industry topics every other Sunday on her popular video blog #GroomerProblems, featured in the facebook Group Pet Groomer Town Hall.

Lisa Hart.  UK

Lisa Hart. UK

Lisa Hart t is a multi award-winning groomer with over 15 years of experience in grooming and named the first Asian Fusion Groomer of the year in 2019 at the International grooming conference and wasnominated for “up and coming speaker” in 2020 and 2022.

Lisa Hart specialises in Asian Fusion grooming styles and has a particular interest in grooming Schnauzers, Terriers and poodles. She holds a C&G level three diploma in dog grooming and currently working towards a master’s with ICMG.

Lisa is a qualified C&G exam assessor and tutor up to diploma level – she loves to teach!

She started competing 4 years ago and has gone on to win classes at The British Dog Grooming Championships, Strictly Come Grooming, Supergroom and The Champion class at Groom Asia 2018, among multiple other placings in Asian fusion and terrier classes and an RBIS in 2021.

Lisa Hart has judged at Style to rescue and The British creative grooming championships regularly presents webinars and has been invited to speak at many UK grooming events including 3 years of demonstrations at Crufts. Lisa Hart is so excited to be your judge and speaker at Mastergroom.

Ms Wendy Wouters

Ms Wendy Wouters

A registered breeder and exhibitor of show winning terriers under the “Bellegum” and “Amfamous” prefix in Australia. Terrier of the year BTC Point score Competition, with a Wire Fox Terrier.
Multi BISS with Wire and Smooth Fox Terriers.
FCI judge for the National Terrier Show in Leipzig Germany 2017.
Licensed Terrier Judge (group 2) to Championship level.
Judge of terrier specialty shows in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
I am one of Australia’s top winning dog groomers with over 20+ years experience.
Member of Groom team Australia in 2011.
Competed at grooming competitions and placing in 4 different countries, winning a championship award at the Master level (scissored pure bred class) at the World Grooming Competition held in Belgium in 2011 with a Kerry Blue Terrier.
Multi Best in Show winner from Hand stripped, Pure Bred Scissor and Poodle classes with a Wire Fox Terrier, Standard Poodle, Kerry Blue Terrier, Scottish Terrier Bedlington Terrier and Pomeranian.
Winner of Australia’s Supreme Groomer award for 2016 and 2017 with a Bedlington terrier.
Awarded a certificate of appreciation for the service of dogs from DOGS NSW Australia.
Oster sponsored representative 2013 Pet Expo in C.A USA
Holding current Certificate IV in teaching and Assessment.
Guest instructor at NASH grooming Academy USA.
Dog grooming competition Judge awarding to Best In Show level.
Currently presenting top winning show dogs including terriers, non sporting, toys, hounds and gundogs in NSW and VIC to Best In Show level.
Competitor and overall WINNING Champion pet stylist/groomer of Channel Seven’s POOCH PERFECT television show 2020.

Angela Anderson ICMG, NCMG

Angela Anderson ICMG, NCMG

Grooming Judge, Seminar Speaker, Course creator, MC and Presenter

Angela Anderson is an ICMG, NZ NCMG, and a popular grooming speaker, presenter, mentor and grooming competition judge from New Zealand. She owns several grooming businesses in New Zealand including International Grooming Academy’s which attract students from all around the globe. She is a senior member of the National Dog Groomers Association of New Zealand where she judges, conducts workshops and seminars, and certifies groomers on the Master Groomer journey.
Although no longer showing standard poodles, Angela enjoys mentoring others in the grooming for their show dog journey. During the time that she is not travelling or conducting seminars etc she can be found writing courses, running her businesses, teaching groomers, and conducting grooming mentoring. Angela is the complete all-rounder – enjoying grooming anything from dogs of any breed whether hand stripped, clipped or scissored, to cats, rabbits, even guinea pigs!
Her passion is in raising the standards in the industry both in the quality of the grooms, and the prosperity of the business and employee’s conditions. This led her to develop her course Grooming 4 Profit which is a video led, self-calculating, easy to understand grooming business course. Grooming 4 Profit uses your own figures to provide you with real and relevant results along with many tips and tricks to fast track your grooming profits.

Janelle Austin

Janelle Austin

My name is Janelle Austin and I started working in the animal industry when I was 16 years old like most of us at a pet store, from there I realised I had a real passion for dog breeds and their grooming needs and I’ve been working in the grooming industry for the past 20 years and have been a competitive groomer since 2007. For the last 10 years I have grown a small corporate business of 11 salons into the largest grooming business in Australia. During my time there I loved working with everyone of all different skill levels and I have to say my greatest achievement would be developing the skills of hundreds of groomers and watching them grow into the talented groomers they are today. I’ve had the most amazing opportunities to learn from some of the best groomers from Australia and around the world and some amazing breed specialist. I love all breeds of dogs but my heart definitely lies with the Spaniels, spending my spare time exhibiting the Irish Water Spaniel and English Springer Spaniel.

During my competitive grooming career I have won

  • 1st place at the 2019 MasterGroom Invitational with a Bichon Frise,
  • Best In Show at the 2013 Ausgroom with a English Springer Spaniel
  • Runner Up In Show at the 2018 Ausgroom with a American Cocker Spaniel
  • Runner Up In Show at the 2019 Dogs NSW Groomers On Show with a Bichon Frise
  • Multiple Best In Group in Masters Gundog, Poodle, AOP and Salon Freestyle classes
Wendy Talintyre

Wendy Talintyre

Wendy’s journey into grooming started 35 years ago with a standard poodle who became her first show dog. Soon followed by all breeds grooming! Wendy’s focus has always been poodles, “they are the ultimate dog to style!”. For many years she has presented standard poodles for conformation showing with much success, achieving Best in Show wins along the way. Wendy is looking forward to being a part of Mastergroom Australian, “it’s an honour to be invited!”

Miranda Duncan.  AUS

Miranda Duncan. AUS

  am a third-generation poodle breeder, handler and presenter so it is safe to say I have poodles running through my veins. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to show and prepare some beautiful examples of the breed winning:

  • Best In show & R/Up Best In show – Poodle Nationals
  • Best In Show & R/Up Best In Show – Poodle Club of Victoria
  • Multiple Best In Show & R/Up Best In Show – All Breeds Shows

At a very early age I had a pair of scissors in my hands and with over 30 years grooming experience you can find examples of my work in the show ring at any  given time. I believe that you should trim the individual dog to present it too the  best possible advantage.  Not all dogs are perfectly constructed and if they were,  we would be cloning them!  With this is mind it is always possible to create the  illusion that a dog has more angulation or more neck for example.  Clever and  creative grooming can definitely give your dog a better chance of winning. Even with the experience I have obtained grooming all 3 variety of poodles over  the years I am a great believe that we can all learn from each other.  Once we stop learning or think we know it all, we stop growing as a person. It really is never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! I am very excited and honoured to be asked to judge Mastergroom Australia in 2020

Dani Segal.  AUS

Dani Segal. AUS

Trainee Judge

Dani has been grooming since the age of 19. She fell into grooming after high school and has never looked back. She began competing just 1 year into her career, and, as a novice, placed 1st in her class with a Miniature Poodle, and 2nd with a Schnoodle in the Freestyle class. It was this that spurred her desire for knowledge, and her competitive spirit. One highlight of her career was winning BIS at Melbourne Royal with a phantom Mini that she had been working on improving for several years in comps!

Another highlight so far, has been representing Australia on the 2017 Groom Team Australia team, which was a life changing experience and an honour, grooming an Australian Terrier in the hand strip class, becoming fondly known as the “Aussie with an Aussie” throughout the competition, and placing 14th in the world out of well over 20 countries! Proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to!

Dani now strives to help and encourage others to compete and be the best that THEY can be. To learn, gain knowledge, and most importantly, to make memories and friends!