Mastergroom Australia 2019 Judges

Annett Whitelum

Annett Whitelum

Annett Whitelum is a passionate groomer who operates her own salon on the Central Coast NSW.

Annett is an International Certified Master Groomer and Certified Feline Master Groomer. She has 19 years experience in the art of dog and cat grooming.

A former hairdresser/barber, turned self-taught groomer she attended many seminars in Australia, USA and Europe to learn as much as she could to gain the necessary skills in her new career.

Annett began her competing career in 2004. From there onwards she was selected to represent Australia as part of the National team to compete in the World Grooming Championships in Germany in 2009.  A four time competing member, Annett was selected as team Captain for the 2017 team.

Winning multiple awards, Best in Shows, Runner Up Best in Shows and  Supreme Champion in Australia and overseas, Annett has also been speaker at seminars and judged grooming competitions Australia wide and New Zealand.

Annett enjoys helping and sharing her knowledge with other groomers and running her successful grooming salon of 18 years.

In her spare time she loves to travel, learn new crafts, bush walk and spend time with her family and dogs.

Barbara Prueckel

Barbara Prueckel

Barbara is the owner of Doggie Style Salon in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She opened in 1997, and has since become the first ‘invitation only’ grooming salon in Canada.

Some of Barb’s accomplishments include several Gold and Silver medals, Best in show and Best all-around groomer awards at prestigious grooming contests, both in Canada and Internationally such as Intergroom’s International Groomer of the Year, the winner of The World Poodle Tournament in Las Vegas for three years in a row and a gold medalist with her Bichon at the World Grooming Contest in Spain and many more.

She was a member of Groom Team Canada for 12 years, and the captain for 8 years, has been on the European Grooming association’s judges list since 2004, and has been a proud member of the ‘Wahl Extreme Stylist Team’ in Canada for 16 years.

She has had the pleasure of speaking and judging in many countries including Brazil, England, India, Italy, Spain, France, Columbia, Belgium, Taiwan, Japan, Canada and the United States.

Barb also produces Mastergroom Canada, the largest and most prestigious grooming show in the country. She and her fiancé Mark are the proud partners and North American distributors for the amazing Nagayu C02 Bathing System.

Barb’s passion for the pet grooming industry is immense, and she loves spending time with fellow groomers all over the globe, teaching, learning and sharing.

Helen Turner

Helen Turner

I’ve been showing dogs for most of my life, beginning in 1983 with my family’s breed, the Labrador Retriever. I quickly became fascinated with coated breeds – especially the difference presentation could make by using superior techniques, correct product… & hard work! I watched, learnt from & assisted successful exhibitors in many breeds – most notably Afghans, Cockers… and the breed that stole my heart, the Standard Poodle.

Over my 25 years in Standard Poodles, I’ve owned several Best in Show & National Specialty CC winners, have imported dogs from Sweden & the USA, and despite a very small & selective breeding program have produced many Champions & Best in Show winners. I regularly travel to dog shows all over the world, sometimes helping friends preparing & showing dogs… sometimes just watching & learning… I like to challenge myself & have shown Standards in every recognised trim, including English Saddle & the Terrier Version of the Modern Clip. I am a Trainee Judge for the 18 breeds in the Non Sporting Group, which has further expanded my knowledge of dog breeds, and anatomy in general.

When the growing success of my career in fashion PR left no time for my Poodles, I revisited my childhood dream of creating my own grooming salon. I opened Going To The Dogs in inner-city Melbourne nearly 20 years ago. I’m proud of my large & loyal clientele, and feel privileged to have been trusted with so many dogs for their lifetime (and successive second, and even third dogs) Recently I launched Nine of Hearts Australia – an online boutique collection of apparel & grooming products.

There’s an animosity between show & competition groomers in this country, which I feel is self-defeating. Ultimately groomers need good dogs, and breeders need good homes – working together both interests could grow & flourish. As President of the Poodle Club of Victoria, I organised seminars with Anders Rosell in 2016 & 2018 that were inclusive of all groomers, with the goal of educating & inspiring, while promoting understanding & validating everyone’s contribution.

Gracienna Foo

Gracienna Foo

My name is Gracienna Foo and I’m from a beautiful island in Malaysia call Penang. I started my grooming journey by graduating from Taiwan Grooming Academy in year 2011, then I joined a company and worked for two years.After, same in Taiwan I continue to pursue my grooming skill to Class B and also taking lessons in Korea. I used to competed in Malaysia, Taiwan with awarded and I gained First prize Class A in Korea competition not long ago.

Firstly, it’s was only an interest that make me dropped my career from architectural to pets grooming. After graduated from Taiwan academy i developed a lot of passion pets grooming. I found peace, focus and satisfaction in what i do and even excited I took a creative lesson in Korea and i expanded my interest more into creative, since then I became so fascinating with it.

I started to teach not long ago in the grooming academy in taiwan,i worked together with my teacher, we are teaching students from basic skills to competition and show trim. And I expend my experiences by joining a master in Korea.

I have been giving seminars and workshops about Asian style and creative in a few cities in country such as Australia, France, China, Cyprus. Every country has different technic of grooming and the sense of beauty is never the same. But I saw that we all have in common is the love towards grooming, and passion and fire plays an important role in this industry. So I enjoy working with peoples around the world and share the passions, the right attitude and knowledge.

The beauty of Grooming is like a perform of the balance of art and reality, and with creative it’s like a sprinkle of glitter into my world. To me every artwork it’s like performing a unique piece of work and that’s make my grooming career really colourful ! Hope to see you soon.